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Army Builder

Screenshot of Army Builder

Creating a Chaos Space Marine Army (using the 'Industrial' skin)

Yes, Army Builder, for all your army-creating needs, is here! It is an exceedingly toy program- not only this, it manages to be "toy" while only costing US$30 to register. It can be found at http://www.wolflair.com/, and you are well-advised to download a free demo copy.

Seperate data files are required to run different game systems- For example, the Warhammer Fantasy, Clan War - Daimyo Edition, Warhammer 40,000 and Chronopia data files. However, these are all available with a click of a button. Once you've installed Army Builder, run it and simply click 'Locate Files' to be presented with a list of games - download those and away you go. What could be easier?

If you're using Army Builder Lite, you won't have a 'Locate Files' button, so you'll need to go to http://groups.yahoo.com/files/ab-files/, download the files you want, then use the 'import' command on the first screen to import them into Army Builder. C'est la vie.

Well, it would be easier if you were emailed whenever game systems were updated, wouldn't it? Fill in this box to 'make it so', as Captain Picard would say, and emails shall fly in your direction whenever updates to any games are finished.

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